Saturday, 29 October 2011

Worldwide Project Financing $1M and up to $2B

We are Investment Consultants and operate fully from Lagos, Nigeria. 

We have Lenders,Venture Capitalists and Equity Investors worldwide, who fund projects from minimum of $1million up to $2billion anywhere in the world, however we have Investors and Lenders who fund as little as $100k in some cases. We have and uphold strict policy restrictions on proposals from "blacklisted" countries by the USA and Canada. We DO NOT charge upfront or application fees for project review, but charge between 1-5% of "closing or success fee" of net funding approved on case by case basis. We uphold a "WIN-WIN" standard (Only get paid when projects are successfully funded).
Project owners are to note that quick completion of funding process, is determined by their attitude towards providing documentations as and when requested.

We do also arrange issuing of bank instruments such as BG, SBLC, SKR, CD and so on. These instruments can be used as collateral for raising funds for projects, enter into trade platforms anywhere in the world and also to secure credit line facilities. We equally arrange monetization of leased or owned bank instruments issued by local or international banks worldwide. We can arrange LTV of 50% to as high as 100% in certain case scenario.

We have worldwide buyers and sellers of precious metals such as bullion gold, diamond, iron ore, platinum, copper, silver, titanium, lead and a host of others. We have FOB CASH & CARRY terms and CIF. Some of our sellers also have trial shipment offers, with reasonable procedures to engage.
Our Investors/Lenders considers ALL Projects, provided it meets laid down criteria and they will fund on Joint Venture, Debt and or Equity in:

    * Above Ground Assets Monetization and Trading
    * Asset Based funding
    * Aviation
    * Bank Instruments' Issuance & Monetization (Various types)
    * Bridge Financing (Various types)
    * Church Funding
    * Communications
    * Computer related
    * Consumer Products
    * Cultural Industry Related (Shows and Plays)
    * Currency Exchange (We have access to Euro-P and USD-P).
    * Diamonds
    * Distributions
    * Early Stage Equity Funding
    * Electronic Components-Instrumentations
    * Entertainment (filming, documentary, cartoon)   
    * Energy (Various Type)
    * Financial Services
    * Gold dust and bars
    * Hotels Motels, Resorts
    * In-ground Assets Monetization and Trading
    * Leverage Buy Out
    * Management Buy Out
    * Manufacturing (Various type)
    * Media    
    * Medical / Health
    * Movie Picture Financing
    * Oil and Gas Financing
    * Platinum 
    * Publishing (Various type)
    * Real Estate Projects (Various)
    * Research and Development Equity Funding
    * Retail (Various type)
    * Seed Capital
    * Silver 
    * Initial Public Offering (IPO)
    * Technology (Various type)
    * Telecommunications
    * Trade Platform Programs
    * Waste Management
    * Others
    * Industrial and Manufacturing Plant, Existing or Start Up.
    * Minerals - Mining exploration & production.  

We have high yield investment programs (HYIP) and trade platform entities in USA, Canada and Europe for cash, bank instruments' and assets' trading opportunities, anywhere in the world. These trade programs are by invitation only and we are direct to the trade Managers. 
We also have access to performing USD and EURO Providers, for currency exchange of reasonable face values, anywhere in the world.

*No upfront fees to review / submit / get investors' interest on any projects.
*Large-Scale JV / Debt / Equity Financing Available
*Commercial Land Development
*Alternative Energy Funding
*Paid service commission at close of deal.
*Closing timeline for any deal differs, depending on opportunity presented.

Please log on to for more information or better still send us project executive summary/other requests to: AND OR
For calls or text messages, please dial: +234 802 725 8181.

We will reply within 24-48 hours and endeavor to revert with investor decision within a few days.

Looking forward to earning your trust, in achieving your long desired goals.